Football betting markets

24 июля 2018 г. 16:51:48

On Betfair, one can often bet on a conjunction of disjoint events events in the probability theory sense, not in the Betfair sense as well as as each of those events separately. For example, Arsenal winning a given football match is the same as Arsenal winning with a score of or Arsenal winning with a score of or Arsenal winning with a score of etc.

Technically, the available bets in that case only go up to 3 goals on each side, but outcomes beyond that are fairly rare and in the proposed strategy we end up better off with an unquoted outcome. Assuming these two events Arsenal winning at all and Arsenal winning with either of the available scores are the same, their implied probabilities and hence prices should also be the same.

In fact, in this case, if the first team wins with an unquoted score i. In practice, there are a few real-world issues that make this unrealistic, such as bid-offer spreads. Even with the smallest spreads for example, backing at 1. Thanks for reaching the end of this math-heavy bit!

Posts in this series will be available at https: Alternatively, follow me on twitter. Interested in this blogging platform? The numbers of for example are shockingly different. But well, you can check out all these statistics yourself at my website www.

Quote Fri Dec 03, 9: Once I started paying PC the profit margins became too tight to bother with. I think the other problem is that, by laying at 1. When you back horses at , long losing streaks are a statistical inevitability.

I know that in-play betting on the place market was only introduced a few years ago, so that may explain the place figures. Well you are right that laying 1. It is not that simple to say. Yes I know Boca are favorites. Anyway, you do what you want.

Just stating my point of view. Quilmes were favorites there by the way. Yes, I got it. Thank you for your time and research bro. DC is good ppls. Fortuna Sittard v Antalyaspor.

Slovan Bratislava v Milsami. Hacken v FK Liepaja. Zaria Balti v Gornik Zabrze. Apollon Limassol v FC Stumbras. Shakhter Soligorsk v Connahs Quay. Confirm bets before placing.

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